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This is what you've been waiting for....

Supporting you in moving from shame, self-doubt, and pain and into empowerment and freedom through somatic psychology, yoga, and embodiment

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Powerful workshops and coaching in a sacred group container

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All about personalizing somatic medicine to YOU, your lifestyle, preferences, and goals

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Kallie is a certified yoga instructor and somatic practitioner based. She studied traditional yoga, breathwork and meditation at its birthplace in the Himalayas of India. She also has continuing education certifications in therapeutic yoga, women's embodiment, somatic parts work, and integrative somatic trauma therapy. 

Kallie's teachings bridge the gap between yoga and spiritual psychology to somatic psychology to help those her work with her to access the inner wisdom of their own bodies. She believes we all have the key within ourselves to stop outsourcing our healing and to unlock potent empowerment from within. 



Small town. Christian cult. Lonely home life. 

A soft-spoken child. I made myself small and easy. Palatable in order to earn love. Abandoning my true self in exchange for a watered down version. This led to addictions and feeling highly disconnected from my body. Bad body image and disordered eating. Lots of anxiety, shame. Crippling self-doubt. 

In 2013, I discovered yoga and loved how it made me feel more grounded in my body and less anxious. I went to India to study yoga in its birthplace. But I found with yoga came a lot of "culty spirituality" with a focus on mindset work and shame. The mindset work would work sometimes, but it rejected any "immoral" parts of myself. I felt so much shame for my desires, my anger, my sadness, my "unhealedness". 

I grieved that the yoga world had become another cult for me. Was there something to have faith in that wouldn't let me down?

I then found red tantra yoga. The branch of yoga that incorporates our "humanness" of the lower chakras- that which makes us animal. Through tantra I learned to begin integrating my sensuality, sexuality, anger, rage, grief, and all the things that were previously unacceptable

Somatic Psychology. What I had been waiting for my whole life. Science and spirituality. The acknowledgement that we share the same nervous system as mammals. Gentleness. Safety. And healing without catharsis.

By exploring somatics, I began to discover the inner wisdom of my body. All the "flaws" I used to criticize I now saw as my body lovingly and desperately trying to keep me safe. I was able to release shame and move into the truth that my body is wise af


My goal is using a combination of powerful tools pulled from yoga, tantra, somatic psychology to support you in moving towards your goals. I trust your body knows best and that your body knows better than me. Through this work we become impervious to gaslighting or bypassing. Actually determine our true desires and not just those projected onto us. Carry out those desires with confidence and self-trust. Use self-acceptance as a powerful antidote to shame. 

And unapologetically release structures of the role self and move into

embodied wholeness and liberation. 

Are you ready?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”



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