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Mondays + Wednesdays at 10 AM PT

Gentle doesn't mean easy, but it does mean accessible. This class is crafted for all ages and abilities to assist you in feeling better in your physical body + feel centered and calm in your mind.

Kallie’s gentle yoga class nourishes me both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The thoughtful pace challenges me immensely to slow down, feel how I’m really doing, and practice on-going self-love. Kallie has crafted this class into a gem that shimmers with grace and the many facets of healing.

Her practices have noticeably improved my flexibility, balance and strength. The  guided imagery meditations have lowered my anxiety and high blood pressure.

Natalie M.

Lora S.

What do we do exactly in a 'Gentle Yoga' class?

On the physical side,  we work with both strength and mobility. ​Some practices are more strength-heavy where we challenge ourselves and others are focused more on mobility practices to help you feel nimble and good in your body.  Sometimes we'll focus more on recovery and release which can involve myofascial release techniques. We frequently utilize props like blocks, yoga straps, or myofascial release balls to assist and deepen these postures. 

Often breathwork and visualized meditations are used to help center the mind and regulate the nervous system so you leave class feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. 

Are you ready to find peace, ease, and gentleness in your day and your yoga practice?

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