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Interview with Kathleen Klug, health coach and fitness professional

Kathleen Klug is a knowledgeable and experienced health coach, health educator and fitness instructor located in Sacramento, California. She has been a part of the fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years. She currently serves as a health educator at Kaiser in their weight-management program, as well as a personal health coach. I interviewed Kathleen about her thoughts about how the COVID pandemic has changed and evolved in practices around physical and mental health.

What are some of your career highlights? Helping people make healthier changes in their lives. Helping to empower women to be stronger confident women and mothers.

How have you seen the pandemic affecting people’s health? Some people have taken this as an opportunity to make good and healthy changes. And it’s changed many people’s routines and given more freedom. Some people have responded by walking daily or bringing exercise into their routine. Others have let this pandemic and this new routine really sideline them in their health. They’ve stopped a healthy routine and adopted bad habits. It goes both ways.

What is a simple routine change that you would recommend to someone who is struggling with their health? Two very simple starters would be to drink plenty of good water. Then walk or start moving. Plain and simple.

In terms of mental health, if someone is struggling what do you recommend? Move. Exercise is a great way to lift your spirits. Connect with a person or a very small group and stay connected with others. And hopefully it’s a positive group where people aren’t just sharing their negativity. You don’t want that. And just try to move on a regular basis.

If a client of yours is struggling with anxiety, what do you recommend them to do (diet, habits, etc)? Start to learn how to breathe well. Start a breathwork practice and connect with some affirmations to recenter yourself. When you start to feel the physical effects of fear, worry, repeat affirmations like “I am safe”. The thoughts translate into the body as anxiety. Reduce any kind of caffeinated beverages. Also exercise.

What kind of process do you go through with new clients? First, we talk about what their health goals are. They take an assessment of how content they are in different areas of their life- home, environment, food, exercise, career, social, joy, education. Then that is used as a way to guide the areas of their life where they want to bring in healthy changes. Once we determine the areas they want to improve, we explore small behavior changes they can make in each area and I meet with them virtually once a week or every two weeks (depending on what they want). They work on establishing new behaviors to work on bringing them towards their goals.

To contact Kathleen about her one-on-one or small group coaching, contact her at

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